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Why Leadsbuk

Leadsbuk is an online marketplace connecting Advertisers and Publishers. The Advertisers can reach their target audience by promoting their Ads on publishers sites and in return, the publishers help generate relevant traffic for advertisers.  Leadsbuk connects and supports both advertisers and publishers from small to large sizes.

Leadsbuk’s advertiser’s account helps them target the right audience and submit their Ads, and Publishers using their Leadsbuk publisher account can generate advertisement codes of their advisible dimensions. Advertisement selling and traffic exchange are taken care by our highly efficient Leadsbuk platform.

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Imagine an Advertising platform where your product, business or mobile App is earning the highest revenue, where we plan and manage the smallest details of your campaign with the help of real professionals where you get access to only the highest quality traffic across all verticals worldwide.


Monetise your website traffic by just adding simple adcodes and monetising every valid click on your website. Leadsbuk makes sure Publishers earn the maximum revenue at any given time by rendering ads from highest bidders on your websites.

Trusted Platform

Trusted Platform

Grab a helmet and let's go

Most Desirable Analytics

Most Desirable Analytics

Check your Analytics any time

Easy Payment Methods

Easy Payment Methods

Flexible Payment Methods

Best Traffic Websites

Best Traffic Websites

We Have Best Quality & Traffic Websites

Target Your Customers

Target Your Customers

Show Your ads to your Audience

We can find your perfect audience

Advanced Analytics

Control and statistical analysis. Our system allows quick change of the banner settings – add/remove banners, change the intensity of impressions, etc

Easy Interface

Simplicity and clarity. We control the entire flow of clicks and impressions to prevent cheats.

Advenced Targeting

Advanced targeting. We make every effort of targeted ad to reach the right clients. Our system constantly improves for better optimal results

Advanced Target

Dynamic optimization of ad platforms. We are working on clearly defined criteria to increase the target audience of advertised material